Month: March 2016

Another week bites the dust!


I’m going to start by apologizing for my spelling and grammar. This whole 24/7 spanish has got my head all messed up. But i guess it’s a good thing. Anyways this week was pretty standard, we have three new “investigators.” and the reason i put it in quotes is because two of them are our teacher and the other one accidently flashed his garments in a lesson. So that was pretty funny.

It’s actually a pretty sad week. One of the districts in my zone is leaving on monday and theyre all a bunch of studs. My favorite is the zone leader Elder Burgen. He’s a stud. He loves hunting and fishing and country music. So we get along really well.

But in all this week is all a blur. We taught a bunch of lessons to investigators and most of them were good but the ones with my teacher were really bad. My comp and I werent on the same page and it ended up pretty bad. But thats okay cause we learned from it.

I love it here a lot. I’m starting to really adjust to this life style and it’s actually really fun. Every once in a while I’ll think about home and I’ll be a little sad. But thats okay! It’s part of the expereince. The food is still pretty gross. But thats okay because i get packages almost everyday! so thank you soooooooooo much! It means a lot! also thanks for all the letters from everyone. I’m saving them all and i love reading them. So please keep them coming. I wish i could tell you more. But theres not much going on. We go to the temple every friday morning. The 8:20 session is always packed full of missionaries. It’s a pretty cool experience.

Well i love you all and i hope all is going well. Keep me posted on anything. Literally i will get excited about the most simple news ever!

Elder Larsen

Life at the MTC

Well a lot happened since last p-day. We started teaching our ‘investigator’ Fabiana, she is from Spain and she says she’s 18… but there’s noooo way she’s 18. She is really nice though. Our lessons with her have been up and down. I got a new comp, well not a new comp Elder Ellis is now my sole comp. Elder downer got a new comp on Monday. So our trio got broken up. And they put the two advanced speakers in the same companionship. Which is unfortunate but its better this way, now we can’t rely on the other elder in the comp to teach the lessons.

Anyways we have been teaching her since Saturday. So we’ve gotten a lot of time with her. We committed her to baptism yesterday! Which is cool I guess even though odds are she’s a paid employee of the MTC and is already a member. But it was still a cool experience. Elder Ellis isn’t the best Spanish speaker so I really had to step up my language game. And I feel like I was extremely blessed because I’m remembering soooo much Spanish that I was certain i forgot. so the gift of tongues is real. So as District Leader i have to get the mail and everyone in my District is super jealous because i consistently get packages and mail everyday. So thanks for all the letters and packages! please keep sending them, they make the days a little more eventful.

Well idk what else to say. The MTC is such an amazing place. The spirit is super strong all day. But nothing really happens. we do the same stuff almost everyday. So if any of you guys have specific questions please don’t hesitate to write or send letters via dear, If you don’t have my address here my mom will give it to you.

I miss you guys a lot. Not a day or a prayers goes by without thinking about you. Please keep writing and encourage others to write too.


Elder Larsen


First week in the MTC!

Hey guys! Man these days have been really slow, yesterday we spent 4 hours in the classroom with no teacher to teach us. It was rough and it was a little wasteful, but most of the time we were productive! We spent a lot of time reading scriptures and talking about PMG. Sorry if the grammar is all messed up. I don’t feel like correcting myself…. But this place is so awesome! The Spirit is always with you and its a really cool experience. We have done a lot in these past two days so things are already starting to blur together.

So the first day was cool. I met my companions, their names are Elder Ellis and Elder Downer. Great guys. All of us in my district are “intermediate” Spanish speakers. BUT we will still be here for the full 6 weeks! But thats okay. I need to learn more. We got into class the first day and no English was spoken at all… Crazy! but I found that I was able to understand all of it. Blessings are already starting to come. My district is the best and my zone is so much fun. we do everything together and we have fun doing it. We have 3 sisters in my district and just my two comps so we’re small but our testimonies are giant!

We had the opportunity to meet with our branch president and let me tell ya he has done it all, he worked for the CIA he’s been a mission president and a stake president so he’s just amazing. He had a personal meeting with me and asked me to be district leader. Pretty cool stuff. I just conduct meetings and get the mail for my district pretty much. Its crazy stuff! The food isn’t that bad but i sure do miss the home meals. THE CHOCOLATE MILK IS AMAZING!! It met every expectation. We had the blessing to attend the temple and do a session this morning as a zone so that was a neat experience.

Hmmmmm.. kinda the same stuff everyday, I sent pics to dad. Sorry there isn’t more, just been really crazy! I’ll make sure I get more this week. And throughout the week as well. I got the wifi password so I can send pics all week. Sometime next week I think we will get  Ipads as well. Our zone is like the only one that gets them. Really cool! Well I’m so happy to be a missionary. Still is a little weird seeing the tag on. But its a really cool experience here.

Love you guys a lot. Hope all is well at home. Please send this out to anyone that wants it.

Elder Larsen