First week in my country!

Well it was kind of a crazy week you could say! my first day here included not understanding what most people were saying to me.. they talk reallllyyyyy fast here. and they just dont say certain letters in words usually the s. but anyways my companion is elder solórzano. he is from peru! he speaks no english at all. so thats always fun! and he also speaks really fast! But i love this place so much. the spirit is different here. i felt more homesick in provo. this feels like home here! the people are so humble. it is shocking. they live in shacks. literally. most of the houses are just a stack of bricks and sheet metal on top. but they still will feed you giant meals. i have been fed twice a day almost every day! and the food is different. it is always a giant pile of rice. and some kind of chicken dish most of the time. there is no breakfast here.

But my first sector is called prosprina. it is in Guayaquil. I should be in Manta but the city was destroyed by the earthquake. It’s cool how awesome President Dennis is, he is so inspired. Before the earthquake he pulled all of the missionaries out of the area except like 3 companionships about 2 weeks before the earthquake because he had a dream about it. and then a week before it happened he called the elders at 9 at night and told them to make sure their emegency backpacks were ready. and was able to save all of the lives of the elders in the north. but in my area in manta it was like 50-60% destroyed. and in the worst parts, the city was 80-90% destroyed, so it was really bad. and there is aftershocks like everyday So the north part of the mission is closed right now. it is a little sad because the people need help up there and we want to help but it is pretty much impossible because there isnt a place for us to live at the moment. So i might not get to go there for a while. So i have been going on cambios with Elder Criddle. he is from utah! straight stud! we have been teaching a ton. And walking a ton! It is nuts! LIke 4-5 miles at least a day! and it is always hot!

Sorry if i dont respond to emails! the internet here is garbage and i only get an hour to email! And it costs money to use the computors!

Sorry about my spelling too btw!

We dont teach a bunch of investigators. its mostly less actives. there is a ton of less actives! and we had 7 come to church yesterday!!!!! it was awesome! great time!

Elder larsen

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