Month: May 2016

Earthquakes and baptisms

The title is pretty self explainatory. I experienced my first earthquake on Tuesday afternoon. We were contacting and talking to a lady on her porch when all the sudden I felt the ground start to shake. It was pretty scary. The women started yelling and ran back in to her house. Me and my comp just walked to the middle of the street and made sure nothing would fall on us. The light poles were shaking hard and everyone ran out of their houses screaming and crying. It was pretty sad to be honest. People arent prepared at all. On the other hand me and my comp were happy and joking around after while everyone was screaming and crying trying to make sure everyone was okay. The first earthquake happened at like 3 in the morning and we slept through it. but there is still a lot of aftershocks.

But on the bright side i had my first baptism this week, it was quite a day. It started with getting no help cleaning the chapel from the branch. Then the water stopped coming out half way in to filling the font. So we had to fill the rest up with buckets. But Washington Reyes was still baptized. I had to do it twice due to the lack of water. But all worked out fine! He is 43 and finally got baptized. All
Of his family are members.

This week was alot faster than last week. we are working hard. and I have been in ecuador for 6 weeks. that is nuts. The weather is perfect here in manta. The night times here remind me of the spring time in Arizona. My spanish is getting a lot better. So it has been great. We have an apostle coming in june! so that should be cool!

The mission is only hard if you make it hard is what i have learned this week. If you just accept the fact that people are going to make fun of you and not want to listen to you and that earthquakes will happen then you will have a better attitude. I miss you and everyone but i have found that the people here are my family. There are people here that remind me of you and dad and also guys that are like jace and ryan.

Well we cleaned our house today and We are about to go eat lunch and shop for the week, we will probably go to the market and shop some more! not sure! we will see!
Crazy to think that everything is happening so fast. Jace graduates in a few days and Ryan will be married in like a month. Time is a crazy thing. Anyways i love you all!

Elder Larsen


Well i got transfered on tuesday to my sector finally. I am here in Manta! and it is wayyyy better than Guayaquil. It’s 4 hours away from the mission home. The weather is 100000x better. There is always a breeze and we dont have a giant hill in our area, so thats a plus. It’s just me and my comp in this house and is a lot bigger than the house in Guayaquil. Oh and the first day here i was able to invite someone to be baptized! HE will be getting baptized this Saturday! so i will have pics of that next week. There is a really bad part of the city that they call ground zero. It was hit the hardest by the earthquake. The miliraty closed it off. It is pretty intense. We are 2 miles from the coast, and 10 mins away from that part of town, it isnt in our sector. In our area we have a branch. The people love the missionaries here. The members were crying when we got here. They were sad when they had to pull all the missionaries out of the area after the earthquake so they are glad we are back.  I have met a lot of the members but i am still trying to figure out names and addresses. They feed us a lot, I have eaten most of the same stuff but I have had some really good fruit here. The members grow their own fruit so when we visit them they give us fruit. The zone leaders are really close and we are close to stores so that’s nice. There’s a bakery close to my house. The houses are worse here then in Prosperina. A lot of houses fell, so people are living in tents. or little tiny sheds. We have 10 elders in the zone right now. But the sisters should be coming back this week too.

I am able to write my letters at an Internet cafe close to my house so that is nice. Today was a good p-day, we played soccer and did some shopping, now i think i will take a nap. 🙂

Sorry I haven’t sent more pictures I can’t take my camera tracting. The president gave us specific rules cause it is dangerous at night. People have no money so they rob you. It hasnt happened cause we are obedient and careful.

My spanish is getting really good. I understand everything that everyone says for the most part. There are still times where I am just so tired that I cant focus. But for the most part I am focused.

I saw my first organized cock fight in the street yesterday so that was pretty cool. Oh and a dog fight as well, which was really sad. The dogs here are really sad. They are missing like half their fur and look like they are rabid most of time. But they leave you alone for the most part.

We had 10 less actives come to church yesterday. Which is a ton! People are really freaked out about the earth quake here. And all of our less actives had a desire to meet with us and come to church. We also had two investigators come as well. So we are going to invite them to be baptized tomorrow! So that should be cool!

Well ask me questions cause i had no idea what else to write.

Elder Larsen

Mother’s Day

Well it was a pretty good week! I am very glad that I got to talk to my family! That was definately the highlight of the week! But besides that we had a pretty slow week. We went to Manta on wednesday. So we basically got nothing done that day. But it was pretty intense. The destruction was mind blowing. So many building have been completely destroyed!

We do a ton of reactivation here so the majority of our day here is spent visiting less actives! which is cool. But no one ever keeps commitments. for example, we had 4 less activtes committed to come to church yesterday and no one came. So now we are going to go visit them today and see what happened. Usually they say they were sick or something like that.

I am going on exchanges with one of the zone leaders today, his name is Elder castro. he is really cool.

My spanish is getting better everyday. I have more and more responsibility in the lessons everyday, and today i am going to invite someone to be baptized! so that will be super cool.

slow week again! sorry! LOVE YOU ALL

Elder Larsen


2nd week in my Country

Well it has been a pretty crazy week. Me and my comp opened up a new sector here in Prosporina so we have like no one to visit. We have done a lot of contacting and we get a lot of appointments but no one is progressing. So the work is slow and we only teach about 4 lessons a day. which i have been told isn´t a ton. So i am hoping it picks up soon. We are working hard everyday. We had two rescues this week which is decent. we had 3 last week. We have this GIANT hill in our sector and i think we go up and down it like 3-4 times a day. I had some blisters on my feet! but they are fine now! all better! Good thing is i am starting to lose a little bit of weight.

In my sector right now there is like 150 people in the ward. In my branch in Manta where I should be right now, there is like 50 people. We will probably be up there in a month. President Dennis told us a month, maybe more. he said it isnt safe for us up there because there is no food or water right now.

In my sector there is an area with nice homes. but they are like an average home for the US. They have AC so thats what makes them nice. Where President Dennis lives is really nice! it has a giant mall and people drive BMWs and stuff there.

But we get fed sooooo much! The lunches are giant! They start with a huge bowl of soup then a giant plate of rice and beans and sometimes chicken or meat (Couldn´t tell you what kind of meat lol).

It is really hot here and i sweat a ton! There isn’t air conditioning in my apartment, only fans. We dont have a room… we sleep in the living room. we pull matresses out every night and sleep in there.

We live in an apartment, but most the people we teach only have a room. Thats about it. They usually have the kitchen bathroom and bedroom all in one room. But it is funny cause they will have these giant flat screen tvs and a tiny house! it is hilarious.

My Spanish is getting better everyday! I have caught myself thinking in Spanish a few times. Cause i speak pure Spanish all day because my comp speaks no english. He thinks i am hilarious cause i know a lot of mexican slang. We have fun learning english!

Hope all is well! love you all!

Élder Larsen