Month: June 2016

Baptisms and Father’s Day

We had another baptism this week. Laura she is 15 years old and like 3 sets of missionaries have passed by her to try to get her baptized but they could never get her to commit but we did it! Anyways we have been working really hard. The work is slow here but we have been diligent and I am sure we will be blessed with a family soon.

Fathers Day here is crazy. Everyone just goes outside and blares music. It reminded me of the Nephites and Lamanites right before Christ came. They have witnessed a terrible earthquake and miracles of how people are still living and how they didn’t die. But they went back to their evil ways. They were drunk and yelling at us as we passed by. It made me really sad for them because another disaster is bound to happen. I hope I can help as many of them as possible before it is too late for them. But anyways. It was a good week. We will be having a mission conference this Wednesday to say bye to President Dennis and his wife.

I love manta a lot. We have transfers this sunday so I am hoping I stay here with my comp. But we will see what happens because he has 7 months here in manta!

We are gong to Monte Cristi today so i will take a bunch of pictures we go to guayaquil again tomorrow!

Love you all

Elder larsen


Elder rasband And The Temple

It was a really eventful week. We had Elder Rasband visit the mission which was amazing. He had some really amazing things to say and answered a few of my questions. For example, I was thinking about how to recognize the spirit more often. Elder Rasband said, any good thought, a thought to serve or help others comes from God. Anything negative or bad comes from yourself or satan. It was cool to hear an apostle bear a personal testimony of the Savior. We got to shake his hand as well. And he just had a look in his eye that i will never forget. He IS a special witness of Christ I am sure of it.

On friday night we were blessed with the opportunity to attend the temple and that was a really special experience. I really missed the temple a lot. The Guayaquil temple is very beautiful and i cant wait for the next time. Anyways i hope everyone is doing well!

So today we are going to clean our apartment, then we have another conference with Elder Rasband here in Manta! so that should be really cool! He wanted to talk to the memebers here! And he might go on splits with us! but we will see! We then are going to play soccer with the zone because we have other elders leaving this transfer.

President Dennis will be leaving soon, he comes to Manta today and we have a zone conference with him this week so I will get to spend time with him before he leaves.

Congrats Russell for your endowment and Chase cant wait to hear where you are going! thanks for all the love and support! You guys are awesome! Keep smiling and remember that you have an Elder in Ecuador praying for you!

Happy early anniversary mom and dad!!!!!!!!!! Hope Friday is a great day!

Happy early Fathers Day as well! Next week i will have a special letter for you dad!

Elder Larsen

Baptismal dates


This was a pretty good week. We taught a lot but at the same time we had a lot of appointments fail So we did a lot of contacting and
visiting old investigators. It was pretty cool, we found a less active family who is really excited to come back to church and help out with the work. We set up two new baptismal dates this week as well. We are going to
invite two more people to be baptized tomorrow so thats pretty exciting!

Manta is really cool. The weather is nice the food is good and the people are pretty funny.
Today for p-day we cleaned the house. We are going to go shopping after email time and then idk maybe go take pics at the beach. I think in 2 weeks we are going to go to San Lopez which is supposed to be really cool. it is like an hour away.

i ate chiveche for the first time it was different but pretty good.  I sent a picture of the zone.   It was taken before transfers. One sister went home, and one of the zone leaders goes home in 20 days. HE is really cool. President Dennis told me he is the best zone leader in the mission and my trainer is the best district leader.  I’m lucky to have good leaders

We have Elder Rasband coming this week so we will be going to Guayaquil for two days! Oh and i will get to go to the temple for the first time here! I am really excited about that. I miss the temple a lot! I am almost done
with my training. Only 4 more weeks left! i have been on my mission for 3 months now. Crazy stuff…time passes really fast. And everyone tells me it
goes even faster after your training. which is hard to believe.

But i will have lot more next week.

Elder Larsen


Well it was a pretty standard week. We spent the whole day in Guayaquil. We had to do a verification of my training with President Dennis. It was awesome! So I am pretty tired because I basically slept on the floor last night. We slept in the assistants house but the secretaries also live there. So there was a lack of beds. I slept on a ratty old mattress. It was great.

We had a lot of people in church this week. We had 11 people (4 investgators and 7 less actives). It was great. The less actives are a lot more open to listening to us after the earthquake. And we should have 3 new baptismal dates this week. We are really working hard. I am really tired when we get to the house every night, but every morning I wake up and somehow i have the energy to keep working. I have really started to notice how the spirit works with us and the people we visit. For example, we were walking down the street and out of nowhere some lady walked up to us and invited us to come give the lessons to her and her husband. People notice the light we carry with us. And that’s why we can get in to homes so easily.

My Spanish is getting better and better, I had to say a prayer in english today and that was rough. I sounded like I was 6, haha.

Anyways, I don’t have a ton of pics this week. Sorry mom 😦 it was busy and I just never had the chance to take any pics. I will make sure to take a bunch this week.

Oh by the way if anyone has gotten a mission call, or anything interesting has happened plllleeeaaasssseeee tell me! I like hearing from the US 🙂

Little thought this week. Remember how important families are in gods plan, God can show his love for his children through a loving Father and Mother. Remember to love the family no matter what happens or what they do. God has a special plan for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HIS CHILDREN.

Elder Larsen