Month: July 2016


This week was pretty good! It started off a little slow with my whole experience with my toe. But all is well now and it doesn’t hurt anymore.

Our numbers this week were really bad as a sector, district and zone. We didnt have a lot of people come to church this week. Between the whole zone we had 4 investgators come to church. So that was a little disappointing.

But anyways on Tuesday we were contacting and we knocked on a door and a really big family was there and like 60% of the family is under the age of 5. So it was crazy. The point of this story is that one of the little kids first greeted us by calling us a swear word, then about 2 minutes later pulled down his pants and tried to pee on us. He got verrrryyyyy close. But i managed to steer clear of his stream. But the most upsetting part of that whole situation is that the Mom just kinda sat there and didnt do anything. I was baffled. What kind of parent lets that happen?!?!?! But anyways we ended up having one of the classic missionary stories that everyone hears about. We knocked on a door and a women named Maribel opened. We ended up teaching her right then and there and she told us that she is going through some struggles in her life and that very morning she was praying to find someone who could help her. She cried and told us we are an answer to her prayers.

These experinces make all the no’s and excuses worth it. The lord has preapred people for us.

I am getting close to having transfers and the Zone leaders and My comp keep telling me that i am going to get trasferred but i am really going to miss Manta. Even though we have the hardest area in the Zone my heart is here. And I am going to miss the people that i met here.

Love you all. Hit me up with letters please! I didnt get many this week!!

Elder Larsen

Sacaron la una!

Well it was a pretty good week! It went by pretty fast! The work has slowed down a lot right now. We dont get a ton of help from the memebers here in this branch. There is barely any leadership. Which makes references very difficult to recieve. And thats the hard part,  because the References progress 100x faster than the cold contacts. But we are working our butts off to find new people! My comp is a beast. He knows how to work really hard and i am really learning a ton from him!

But the title of this email is Sacaron La Una. Because on saturday I had to go the doctors here in Ecuador where they ended up taking out the nail of my big toe. So that was quite the experience. It hurt really bad. Basically they just took a pair of pliars and went right ahead and took it out. I had to stay in the house for the past 3 days because of it. Which was the worst. The days went by like weeks! But now i am okay and i am out again ready to work!

I hope everyone is doing okay! I had a good week! We had more mini earthquakes on Sunday night. But i was on exchanges with an Elder where we gave a less active member a blessing. She had a really bad sicknees and we went back the next day to visit her and she was completely okay. She told us after the blessing the symptoms were gone in like 2 hours! Amazing stuff! But love you all

Elder Larsen

Nuevo Presidente

Well it was a pretty uneventful week to be honest. We taught a lot of less actives this week. And we had a stake conference where the stake presidency was changed. It was a great conference,  a member of the 70 came to speak. He gave a really good talk about eternal marrige. It was really cool especially since Ryan got married this week, I couldnt help but think about how the wedding went and how happy i am for my brother!

Eternal families start one step at a time. And Ryan and Whit took that first step. Cant wait to see mi sobrino! Two short months away!

Anyways my new comp is super cool! He teaches with tons of examples! He knows how to find a problem in like 2 minutes of talking to someone, it is amazing. So our lessons we are teaching have been a lot more effective.

But besides that we had our new president come to Manta on saturday, And man he gave us a pretty hard Machete. It was great tho, we needed it!

Sorry i dont have pics this week momma. I will make sure to take some this week! love you all

Have a great 4th of July!

Elder Larsen


So it happened. My comp finally got transferred. He left at 3:30 this morning, I recieved my new comp at 1:00 this afternoon! He is really cool he is from Ecuador and he speaks quite a bit of english. He has 20 months in the mission so it is possible that i will be his comp for the rest of his time as a missionary. But he is really hard working is what everyone has told me. He was a secretary before coming out here so he was around president dennis a lot! His name is Elder Yagual. I am excited to get to know him and to work with him.

Anyways this week was pretty good we had a conference with President Dennis in Guayaquil. He said farewell to us all which was a bit sad becuase he is reallllyyyyy awesome! He reminds me a lot of dad. And sister Dennis is a lot like you mom. So I am going to miss them a lot.

We have been experencing a lot of little quakes here in Manta. We had like 4 this week and they keep telling us we will continue to see more. So thats always a great time. But we are staying safe so dont worry mom!

We had a pretty good week in church. We had 3 investigators attend and 4 less actives. So that was ablessing. Our sector has really started to pick up. And i am really greatful for that. We have been working hard and we are finally starting to see the results!

Anyways Happy early Birthday to Ryan! time flies man! Almost the 4th of july and almost time for the wedding! Crazy! going on 4 months out here on the misson and i look at pics of me and of the family and realize that i really am not the same person i used to be haha. I think different, (in spanish) and i have a different work ethic tambien. So thats is cool!

Anyways send pics!

Elder Larsen