Month: August 2016

Exitos por fin!

Well honestly it was a very rewarding week! We are seeing the results of all the work we did in the weeks before. We had 5 investigators in church on Sunday. so that was really nice to finally have people come to church. We found 3 families this week that are really cool and could be baptized! I am super excited for September.

Anyways as you know I got a new companion on Monday. His name is Elder Golpe (in spanish his name means a punch or bruise) hahahaha. He is from Argentina! he is a stud. He is from my group, He has 6 months in the mission. One more transfer then me. But we will go home at the same time. He is really cool. He forgets things a ton. Like he is always looking for something in the house.

But he doesn’t speak any english at all. So it is nice to get back to speaking spanish all the time. I do miss Elder Yagual tho. He was really cool!

But anyways we have baptisms scheduled for everyweek this month! So I am super excited for that!

So excited to see my nephew! Keep safe everyone! Love you!

Elder Larsen


Well it was definately a better week this week. We had a lot of less actives come to church and we finally had an investigator come to church as well!! His name is samuel and he is pretty cool. he is 18 and is dating a less active. They are going to get married in 2 weeks so he can get baptized.

But anyways it was a lot cooler this week too. the sun is always strong here but it was really nice outside. the breeze was fresh it was pretty good.

Anyways we thought for sure that i was going to get transferred. Even the zone leaders told me that i was going to get transferred. The call came last night and my companion got transferred. So that was surprising. I wasnt excpecting to be here for another transfer. But here i am! So thats cool! I will be getting my new companion in 3 hours. I dont know what to expect its kind of exciting. But i am going to miss elder yagual for sure. he is a stud.

Anyways i hope everyone is doing okay. Cant wait to meet my nephew! Hope whit is feeling okay.

Yall are in my prayers! stay safe!

Elder Larsen

De Espana

Well this week was a really hot one weather wise. The mornings are always super cool and cloudy but when noon comes around it gets super hot. I have really started to notice the difference in my skin color. Well the color of my face and arms. The farmers tan is super strong right now. It is really funny.

But this week is called De Espana because we met a dude from spain who is super cool. He has read the book of mormon 15 times in his life and he isnt baptized. He is super prideful and smokes alot but he is really smart and wants to get baptized and go to the temple. But he talks really funny. In spanish we have a lot of verb forms. Including formal forms and informal forms. The way he talks is basically how people from alabama talk. He uses the yall form. And the people from spain talk witha lisp too. so i love talking to him. Oh and he uses a lot of bad words too.

We had our mission president randomly stop by manta on saturday morning. So that was cool he is super humble and knows a lot of church doctrine. But man the time has flown by all my friends have a year in the mission now. And i am getting close to 6 months. But trasfers are next week and my zone leaders are like 95% sure i am getting transferred! So we will see what happens.

Well i wish i had some cool stories to share with yall but now much happened! So ask questions!

Elder Larsen

La Rama






This week was a little bit better than last week. We are finally getting some references but they, unfortunately don’t live in our sector.. But that doesnt matter! We had a lot of people come to church this week which was nice. About 60 people. We only had 5 less actives and no investgators. its a little discouraging to not have anyone to teach but we met some cool people yesterday that could progress so we are praying that they can.

Anyways I didnt have a ton happen this week. I have been super tired like all the time, but thats just cause we have been walking more than usual. And this week was a little bit hotter than usual. But the members here are really cool they just dont have any friends to give references. But oh well! One of the zone leaders got transferred this week. He is also my Grandfather. He trained my trainer. He is really cool and it was super sad that he was getting transferred. But anyways i heard a lot of people have been leaving on missions and getting home! so thats cool!

Oh and this week i hit 5 months. dang time goes by fast!

But love you all!

Elder Larsen





Well it was a really slow week to be 100% honest. We didnt have anyone come to church this week. We didnt have a lot of lessons this week either. We are really struggling to find new people to teach. We are trying everything which is a little frustrating but I know we will start to see the fruits.

But the title of the email is borrachos (drunks) because about 4 drunk people have annoyed me this week. On Wednesday we were walking and one of the drunks walked up and starting saying very bad words in spanish and some in english. He was trying to get me to give him money but I wouldnt. He ended up following us for 5 blocks yelling at the top of his lungs. He stopped us and started yelling right in my face and almost hit me lol. But he just ended up spitting a little bit on my face but that’s okay… I was really just sad for him. He almost got in a fight with some guy who was defending us. But man I wasn’t too happy about the spit part…. But it ended up okay! I didnt do or say anything.

I dont have a ton of stories this week! We didnt do much. We knocked on a lot of doors got rejected a ton. And then no one came to church. But i am still super happy and excited. We are going to see results this week! i am sure of it!

Anyways! if you have any questions let me know!

Love you all!

Elder Larsen

Casi August

image.jpegWell it was a pretty slow week. Numbers wise, we barely had anything. We didnt have one investigator in church this week,so that was a little disappointing! But oh well, I am working hard and thats all that matters! It has been really nice here with the weather. It reminds me a lot of California. But today it is really hot. I havent gotten tranferred. transfers arent until august 23rd. But that is coming up quick! thanks for tall the emails this week! really was nice to hear frrom everyone! But this weeks has been a little nuts with everything besides work!

Everyday this week there has been aftershocks from the earthquake. It is really cool/scary, cause an earthquake feels a little like a rollercoaster. But scary because we live on the third floor of our house. But the one on monday was 5.3 and the epicenter was in Manta. I could actually see the street moving like a wave. It was quite an experience.

This week has been pretty long so i don’t have a ton to say. I don’t remember a ton. But if you have ¬†questions ask me! I respond to every question! Love you all. Crazy how fast the time is going. Almost August. Good luck with school everyone!

Elder Larsen