Month: September 2016

Last week in Manta (maybe)

Well it was a decent week! Wasn´t the best week I have had on the mission! But we had people come to church so that is always good! And I found a super ugly tie that i am currently wearing. The member who gave it to me is like a grandpa hahah! He is always worried about me, and loves to call us and talk to me. So it was a pretty good week!

But we found a family of less actives contacting on Thursday. We knocked on the door and basically all of the family are members. So that was a blessing. One of the grand kids who is 16 came to church with his grandma and he accepted a bapismal date! So i am super happy about that. He is going to be baptized on the 8th of October. Butttt the only downside is that I might not be here in Manta to see him get baptized.. Transfers are next week! And I have a ton of time here in this sector, I am hoping i get to stay in Manta but  I don’t know what is going to happen!

Anyways this morning we moved all the stuff out of the house of one of the companionships of sisters here in Manta to another sector. And wow they had a lot of stuff… And the house they moved into is on the third story so that was a pain! But the house they moved in to is super nice. It even has hot water, which is super rare. None of the elders have hot water.

Apart from that it has been a pretty basic week! we knocked on about 80 doors this week and only about 7 of them let us in to teach haha… so yeah! But oh well we found a cool investigator so i am happy!

Elder Larsen

Noche Blanca


Baptism of the Ayosa family

Well this week was super great! I am super pumped for my family! Congrats Ry and Whit! Radley is really cute and I imagine that mom holds him every second of the time that she is home. But I am super jealous and can’t wait to meet my nephew!

Also this week in Ecuador was super good! We had a family of 3 people get baptized! It was great! I baptized one of the kids named Bryan! He is 9 years old! The Ayosa Family was honestly a miracle. We knocked on a door! And she went to church that same sunday! Which is super rare. She is a single mom and is super receptive to the spirit! I feel really lucky to have been part of their conversion! They got baptized in what is called a white night. It’s where the zone has quite a bit of baptisms on the same day. So all of them get baptized in the same chapel. It was super cool and the pictures came out really cool!

Apart for that we don’t have many people to teach anymore,  I honestly feel like I have knocked on basically every door in the area! So that is a little discouraging! But it is okay! Our sector got bigger! We absorbed another area so we have more doors to knock on!

I am really happy for my family! I Love you all! Take care of my nephew until I get home! Oh and general conference is close so that is exciting! I Cant wait! Love you all!

Elder Larsen

Casamiento y Bautismo

Well this week was super good. It went by super fast at first but then it slowed down. I don´t know why. But one of my investigators got married this thursday then he got baptized on Saturday. I had the opportunity to baptize him. He is only 18 years old and his name is Samuel. But he is super cool. He has a really good attitude about things and his wife is super active in the church. They want me to go to the temple with them when they get sealed in a year.

But apart from that our branch got absorbed by a ward yesterday. Which is a lot better. We now have like 135 people in the ward and we have a new bishop who is going to help a ton. So i am super excited to get to work with the new leaders of this ward.

Also I have a ton of pics this week of the wedding and the baptism. And there is a lot more to come we are going to have three more baptisms this Saturday and we are going to the temple this week too. But we are doing something super special for the baptisms this week. We are going to have a ¨white night¨ its where all the baptisms of the zone come to the same chapel to get baptized. in total we are going to have 10 people baptized in the zone this week, So i will have tons of pics of that.

Anyways ask some questions.

Elder Larsen

6 Month Mark

Well this week was a little bit slow. I got a little sick with a thing called dengue. I didnt really work all week. But my comp did have a little bit of success working in the sector. He worked with a member in the sector everyday. And We had 4 investigators in church and a new less active too. So i am excited to get to work again.

I ended up staying in the zone leader´s house all week which was pretty cool. I got to know them a lot better and i am glad to have them as my zone leaders. Elder Bond is going to go to sassys when he gets home in 4 weeks! He is really cool. He is pretty sad to be finishing his mission tho.

But wellllll sorry i dont have more to write i didnt really work this week. But we have an investigator getting married on thursday and the he gets baptized on saturday. So i will have stories and pics next week!

Oh and i hit 6 months this week… thats a little weird.

Elder Larsen