Month: October 2016

Chicken Gut Lunch

IMG_9896.JPGWell this week was very interesting. We didn’t have investigators come to church this week which was a little rough but we had quite a bit of less actives come so it wasn’t a complete loss. They changed the limits of our sector so now we lost some people that we were working with which  kinda sucks… But oh well.

The name of this weeks email is Chicken Gut Lunch because yesterday that’s what we ate. I had some nice chicken feet, with a side of chicken liver and lungs. Literally every part of the chicken we dont use, they used. It was very interesting. My comp was really terrified. It was super funny. But it was a really interesting flavor. The heart wasn’t half bad. But the liver was nasty haha. But hey, its part of the culture so gotta eat it!

But anyways, the time is really flying by. Transfers are coming up and we had interviews with the president and he basically told me I will be transferred :((((  we will see what happens! But it was awesome, President really helped me out with a few questions and concerns I had!

Wow! almost a third of my mission is gone. I sit and sometimes  think about how crazy that is. I am getting close to the year mark and that scares me!

Anyways, All is well here, the weather is super nice right now! But they tell me it is going to get super hot soon!

Elder Larsen

DL and Trainer life

Well it has been a pretty quick two weeks. sorry i didnt write las week, i never had time i was super busy! But i am loving being a trainer. My comp is really cool! He is super young and hasnt quite hit his big change yet but he is getting there! He is really devoted and excited to work which is all you need. It doesnt matter if you dont speak the language very well because the spirit doesnt speak Spanish.

Being a District Leader is a lot of fun too. But it is a lot of work and preasure at the same time. But i feel like i work better that way. I think i learned that from playing lacrosse all those years. But the sisters in my district are working really well so they are making my job really easy.

I had the opportunity to do my first baptismal interview. It was amazing. The spirit is really strong and you really feel tons of impressions and stuff like that during the process! The sister i interviewed passed with no problems! She is super excited to be baptized!

We are going to be having a couple of baptisms the end of the month so i am pretty pumped for that! But besides that the work is pretty usual! We are working a lot more with the members because the contacting is a little cold right now!

Love yall

Elder Larsen

Still Not Transferred


Well it was a pretty eventful night last night! We were waiting for the call to come. But it didnt come until like 10:15. Which is super weird! But turns out I didnt get transferred! Elder Golpe got transferred haha. I am going to be training this transfer in Cordova! And i will be District leader! So I am pretty excited! I don’t know who my brand new comp will be yet! But I will find out more tomorrow! I am in Guayaquil for the next two days which is a little rough but oh well! Its funny cause I am in the exact same sector that I was in after the earthquake!

But I honestly learned a ton this transfer. I learned a lot more about patience and diligence. I am sure i will learn a whole lot more this next transfer as well! So i am excited to keep working!

The conference was amazing! I learned so much, But my favorite talk was from Elder Rasband, or President Uchtdorf in preisthood. Really loved seeing the prophet as well. He looked a lot better this conference than the last.

But anyways, I found another super ugly tie! But I cant wear this one during my mission. I will wear it when i get home!

But dang I hope Jace is okay! and I cant wait to see the family pics with Radley! Send lots!

Love you guys a ton!

Elder Larsen