Month: November 2016

The Prince of This World

Well it was a really quick week. Not anything out of the ordinary really happened here. Well, the ordianary is very out of the ordinary here. I mentioned a guy that calls himself the prince of this world. He told us one day when he was reading the bible he realized that he is the prince of this world haha. He told me he is like the sinner version of Chirst. So we had a lot of fun talking to him. His family all got baptized but he doesn’t want to, He tries to convince us to be his first followers. I will try to get a picture with him this week haha.

Anyways, this week we had the blessing to go to the temple. I really enjoyed it. We also had a multi-zone conference. It was really awesome.

I want to share one little personal revelation that i recieved; we really choose not to include the Lord in all that we do. Many times we are going through a rough patch, we have doubts, questions and concerns. And usually we don’t think, and we just act. But in many ways we are like Laman and Lemuel. When their father shared with them his vision they couldnt understand, and Nephi asked if they had asked the Lord. They said the lord can’t make such things known unto us. Obviously we know that isn’t true. But we do the same thing a ton. We choose not to include the Lord in all that we do.

I invite you all think about that. That, Are we including the Lord in all of the apsects of our lifes? and if not, i promise you, that you will see the differences very quickly, because he blesses us immediatly. Love you all! Stay safe!

Elder Larsen


El Salado


Well it was my first week here in Guayaquil. It was actually really good. Everyone is super scared to come to this zone because they don’t baptize a ton. But I have found that is completely false. We are going to baptize 5 people in December so I am really excited to be working here. The sector is super small, 15×11 blocks big haha. So I have already walked basically all the sector this week. But there is 150 memebers in this tiny little sector. And the majority of them are willing to help us out. We have been working really well with the references.

Anyways my comp is a straight stud. He is from mexico city. He really is a great missionary and I am sure he is going to be training his next transfer. He really loves the people here and loves serving the Lord. He speaks really funny spanish that makes me laugh. We have started using a lot of mexican slang word when we are walkin around in the street. He is super short and a little chubby so I always give him a hard time for it.

Anyways they do this really weird/cool tradition here for new years. They burn these paper statues. They are called monigotes. They make some giat ones haha theres one thats like 20 feet tall. It is super funny. They spend hundreds of dollars on them or hours and hours making them. then they just burn them.

Oh i met this dude who told us he is the prince of this world. He says he is the second Jesus Christ. So that was really interesting.

I am still District leader and my district is bigger now so I am a lot more busy haha. But oh well.

I am really enjoy the change of scenery but i do miss some things about Manta. But Guayaquil is really cool too.

Anyways Christmas is around the corner, Cant wait to see everyone!

Elder Larsen


Well the expected happened. I got transfered out of Manta. Which is a little rough. Manta is really awesome. I hope maybe just maybe I will get to go back one day. But anyways I am in a Zone called Salado. The sector/ward is called Chambers. It’s in Guayaquil so it is super super hot and humid haha. But the ward seems like its going to be nice. The members already seem really nice and my comp seems super cool. I will probably get to know the sector super super fast. It is only 10 blocks by 16 blocks big haha. So yeah that’ll be fun. But my comp has baptisms here so we will get at it. I am still district leader. So thats pretty cool. I will now get to focus a little more on being a leader now that i am not training.

But, anyways it was a really weird feeling getting transfered. It was almost like starting my mission again. Its part of the mission life and I left my sector a lot better than I found it so I have to be happy. I learned a ton in Manta and I am excited to continue learning here in Guayaquil!

Anyways I have continued losing weight.  I am now down to like 176ish haha 🙂

I don’t have a ton to say. I am super tired because i woke up at 2:30. I am sure next week I will have tons to say.

Elder Larsen

Average Week in Cordova

Well it was a pretty slow week. There were a ton of parties in Ecuador this week. It was day of the dead on Tuesday and then the rest of the week the people just had tons of parties. Which made it super hard to knock on doors and stuff like that haha. The people here throw parties for no reason at all. I asked why there were celebrations and they told me just cause haha.

But anyways. I read a super amazing talk this week that is called “The Fourth Missionary”. It is suppperrr good. It talks about being a consecrated missionary and all that good stuff. But what made me think the most was one part in specific.

The Lord wants us to serve with all our HEART, might, MIND, and strength. Now if you think about it. The lord already has our might and our strength. Or He gave them to us. We have a body so what we have is already His. What he doesnt have is our hearts and our minds. Because we have our agency. So if we want to give the Lord the best gift of all, Give him your heart and your mind. Surrender your agency to him. Give him all of you and he will give you something glourious back. He will make you a God.

I love being here in the mission. I can already tell that it is going to be very very hard to leave this country. The people here make me laugh, angry, sad, and very happy all at the same time.

There is no place I would rather be and there is no other place that I should be. These two years are way too short.

Anyways love you all! Keep safe! Christmas is just around the corner!

Elder Larsen

Talks in Church

It was a really decent week. We had a lot to do. We had the visit from Elder Montoya on Thursday and I was sick on Friday! So it was a pretty eventful week!

Elder Montoya had a lot of really interesting things to say. Something that really caught my attention was when he said that it is important to be missionaries that have never been seen before. Do things different. Remember the definition of insanity is doing the same things while expecting different results. So if you want the 6,000 converts like Ammon. You have to do things that havent EVER been done. I love that. I think we apply this very well to our life. If we want to acomplish something that we havent done before be prepared to do things you have never done.

But this week we had the opportunity to speak in church. It was really great to see elder Pihl speak! It reminded me of myself. I had to speak in my 3rd week in the field. So that was fun. I spoke alot about Alma 13:24. There are Angles preparing the hearts of the children of men. I ended up sharing my own experience with Alek. And how I know that this scripture is very true. The Lord is preparing people for us. We just have to find those are prepared.

I was also a little sick on Friday. I ate somethin that made me super sick. But I feel super good now. It was a great week! Let me know if you have more questions! Christmas is soooo close now. Going to finish 8 months next pday. Thats insane!