Month: December 2016

Feliz Navidad

Well it passed just as fast as it came. Crazy how fast this year went to be honest… Its been a year since i opened my mission call. I am very close to the year mark. Going on 10 months now. Feeling pretty old. It was really nice to talk to everyone on saturday. Everything is looking super different. It was weird not being at home but oh well. i had a great christmas here in Guayaquil!

Anyways today my comp got transferred. And last night i was told that i will be training again! So i am super excited to have another kiddy! But anyways not much is different! It was a good week. Our baptisms went very well!

We met them through ward council basically. The younger sister has been going to church for a year now but her dad never let her get baptized. But for christmas he said yes. And her older sister was in one of the appointments one time and i invited her to church and she came. And she loved it soooo she go baptized!

Anyways thanks for all the letters and goodies in the christmas package. All the elders in the mission were super jealous! 🙂

I love you all! Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!

Elder Larsen

Baptisms and Monigotes

Well it was a really rewarding week. We had a baptism on friday and it was really awesome to see Rocio get baptized. She took a lot of prayers and fasting but she is going to be an awesome member of the church.

Anyways the baptism went really smoothly, which is very weird. Ususally baptism days are full of problems. But surprisingly all was well. The relief society sang a song for her and it was a really nice baptismal service. I will have pics attached.

We will be having two more baptisms on the 24th. So i will be veryy happy before skype. But its been a really good transfer. We have seen lots of miracles. and my testimony has grown a ton here. Its really cool to see how the lord is preparing people in places where you never think.

Anyways i think i have explained what a monigote is. But they are giant paper mache statue that they make here this time of year. they spend hours, days, months building them. Some people spend 100s of dollars buying them. And at exactly 12:00 on the 1st of january they burn them….. Yep… burn them haha. Its really entertaining to see people making them. becuase they are basically burning their time and money… literally.

Anyways we have a family home evening with President Santos tonight and we are going to do a really funny skit as a zone. i am really excited for that. But besides that its been pretty normal… The rain is starting so it should be interesting these next few weeks.

Anyways cant wait to see yall on saturday! Remember 7:00 ecuadorian time. I think that means 5:00 AZ time. But im not sure. See you then! 🙂 Love you all!!

El Torito

Well this week was pretty average. Not a ton happened to be honest. We worked normally and not a ton of extraordinary things happened. Well things out of the ordinary for Ecuador. Basically everything about this country is super different. But now its normal for me haha.

We have a little competetion going on in the zone. The sector that has the most results during the week gets to take home a statue and but your names on it. So this week, my comp and I won the Toro. Its super funny and stupid at the same time. Its just to get you excited about having a good week. (i took lots of pics with the toro.)

But anyways i got to interview a sister who had been wanting to get baptized for over 2 years but her husband didnt want to get married. But finally last week he said yes and they got married. I did the interview and wow it was amazing to see the trials she has overcome to finally get baptized. And the coolest thing is that now her husband is starting to listen to the missionaries. I felt really good when i got to promise to her that in the very near future all of her family will be sealed together for all of time and eternity. it was my favorite baptismal interview that i have done in my mission so far.

But anyways this week on Friday we will be having a baptism! So i am super excited for that. And then on Saturday we have a little christmas thing goin on! But it doesn’t feel like christmas here because it is suuupppperrr hot. But all the poorly placed christmas lights make me think a lot about our traditions. Anyways if you have questions let me know

Elder Larsen

Fast Sunday

This week was a really productive week. We had 4 people in chruch and all 4 of them are going to be baptized in december. Which is really a miracle for the sector that i am in. This sector is 14 by 10 blocks big. So basically all the houses have been contacted multiple times. The average rate of baptisms in this sector is .5 per month. And now we could have 6 baptisms in December. So i am really excited for this month.

This fast sunday was super rough, It was probably the hottest weekend i have experienced in my mission. I fasted so that our investgators would all accept baptismal dates. And that is exactly what happened.

On saturday night we were teaching one of our investigators named Rosio. She is really cool and receptive. But she never wanted to put down a date for her baptism. We went to go teach her and i had no idea was we needed to teach her. My comp was saying some things and i was really thinking about what she needs, i was thumbing through my Book of Mormon when the book kind of just fell open. The verse it landed on was 1Nephi 17:3. I felt the strongest impression to share that scripture. After i had shared it. Tears formed in her eyes and she told us how much her life has changed since we started visiting her. She finally commited to be baptized on the 16th of December. I wanted to share that because i have really come to see that there is no such thing as coincidence. The Lord had that scripture prepared for her and we showed up in the time in her life where she needs us most.

But anyways there are transfers on the 12th. And i am honestly a little nervous that i am going to get transferred. The assistents and zone leaders are preasurring me a ton, and when that happens usually you end up being a zone leader. We will see what happens!

The devotional last night was really good. We didnt get to stay for the whole thing, but we got to see 3/4 of it. The choir was awesome as always!

Anyways if you have questions ask me!

Elder Larsen