Month: January 2017

New Years Insanity

Wow i thought new years was crazy in the US i was extremely terribly wrong haha. The amout of noise was unbelievable. It seemed more like a war zone than a party haha. The monigotes were insane. I wasn’t allowed to take any pics but man it was super cool and strange at the same time. Literally for MILES the streets were burning. Everyone was burning something at 12.00.

It was literally a party for 2 days straight. You’d think that people would get tired but nooopppeee. Right now everyone is sleeping because they we drunk and dancing for 2 days. So there is nothing going on right now.

But this week in elders quorum the president shared a really interesting thought. He talked about obviously the goals he had for 2016, the things he acomplished, the things he didnt get done and what caught my attention was how he talked about the temptations that faced him this year. I also starting to think about all that has happened in 2016. First of all it went by super fast. and man i have changed a ton. I have got a lot of things done but i also have slacked in some things. The point is that we can change and become better in every moment. We dont need a new year to set new goals. i think that has been something i have learned really fast. Is that we can change and meet our goals whenever we want to. Remember that the journey of 10,000 miles starts with one step. I think that has been my goal as a missionary is to do what i need to do to the best of my ability. Sometimes that means doing things one small step at a time..

But anyways i have a new comp. I am training again. His name is elder mamani. He is from Peru. He´s 21 years old and he is a realy good missionary. He came here on the mission pretrained. He doesn’t need a ton of help changing. Just a little fine tuning.

Anyways this week was decent. We will be having a baptism this Saturday so thats pretty cool. And we will be baptizing a family this month as well. We found them contacting and they are really cool. But anyways Happy new year! Getting close to the year mark! Wow.

Elder Larsen