Month: February 2017


Well my birthday is this week. I feel a little weird turning 20… But its even more weird that i will have a year in the mission really soon. I cant say it enough but time goes by way too fast.

We had a little birthday party in the zone. And on Thursday there is a family night planned out so that will be interesting! I hope y’all have a good Valentines Day.

This week was a pretty average week. We will be having 4 baptisms on the 25 this month… So i am pretty excited. My comp is super cool. We get along super well.

But dang i hope all goes well with the surgery Jace. I hope all is great at Sassys and that y’all don’t miss me too much!

I love you all a ton! Stay safe!

Elder Larsen

Average week, no transfer

Well it was a very normal week. The work kicked up quite a bit we have 3 people come to church. so that was awesome. Two of those people have baptismal date for the 25th of this month. I didn’t get transferred. But hey, sorry im running out of time to write so i dont have time to write much. Just Letting everyone know how the week was. it rained a lot and we taught lessons! 🙂

Elder Larsen


It was a really quick week to be honest. Not a lot happened but it went by in the blink of an eye. It was one of the worst weeks i have had in a while in the mission with the numbers. This was the first week in 3 months that i didnt have an investigator in church. So that was a little rough… But oh well that just means double the work this week. My child (comp) is super cool. He is going to be training really soon i know it. He teaches really well and he understands perfectly why he is on the mission. He was a less-active member all last year until june. And he is brave enough to be here on the mission with such little time in the church.

But anyways early we went to the Isla Sintay. It was super cool. Its a national park. They have a ton of cool things to see. One of them is the aligators. It was pretty cool. We went as a zone so it was a lot of fun. I took a lot of pics this week.

Anyways the work right now has slowed down quite a bit again. I feel like im back in manta again in the branch haha. But i know this week is going to be 100000x better. We have a few references that we are going to be contacting today.

But wow. I feel super weird think that this time next year i will almost be in my last transfer in the mission. It scares me to think about it that way. And its even more scary because i know this year id going to go by 1000000000000000000x faster…

Anyways if yall have any question please as me because i cant think of anything else to write..

Elder Larsen

10 Months

It was a really odd week to be honest. I honestly felt like i was back in my sector in Manta.. I couldnt seem to find people to teach… We had like 8 lessons total with investigators. So that was a bit of a down. But we did end up having a baptism. Which was super cool. My comp got to baptize his first convert. He was pretty excited. It was a realy cool baptism. 2 other sisters got baptized that night so we had a little white night. It was really special to see that many people get baptized at the same time.

I am really shocked to be honest that 10 months have gone by so quickly. It honestly scares me. The next year is going to go even faster. But I really am dreading the day that i am going to have to take the plaque off. I feel like adjusting the normal life again is going to be something that i will not enjoy. Not because I weird or anything but honestly because there is not any thing like this expereience that i am having here in the mission.

But The rain here has gotten pretty intense. i love it!

Anyways i have a hard time remebering what happened during the week so if you have questions ask me!