Month: March 2017


IMG_1183This sector is hands down the best ward I have ever worked in…. There are 250 active members, they all love the missionaries. They all give us references its amazing. The sector is suppppeeeerrrr cool. Its giant. theres so many people here! And the people are way cool here. They all are super open and we teach a ton of lessons here. The only down side is that no one is married but the complete with their commitments.

The area has jungle in it. Theres parts of my sector that dont have roads. Just dirt trails and mud and everything its great. And im never scared that im going to get robbed.

The chapel is sssssuuuuuupppppeeeeeerrrrrr nice! There’s an elevator and everything hahahah :). But anyways it was really cool this week. We had 2 investidators in church and we will be baptizing them after general conference! I’m super pumped to be able to work here. Everyone tells me that this ward is the best ward in the whole mission! the members are super cool the food is super delicious and yeah im really excited to be here.

My comp is a little different but hes a good missionary. He likes to work hard he just is a little strange at times but thats okay.

the other missionaries that live with us are the zone leaders. Theyre super cool! One of them finishes his mission this transfer so i mess with him all the time! But anyways it was a good week!

Elder Larsen


Well it was a really fulfilling week! We had a white night on Saturday! One of our investigators got baptized! Eibraham de la Torre, he was a real struggle but we got him to commit and his whole family went to the baptism! It was super cool! President Santos came to baptize someone from another ward. It was just a really cool experience.

Well the obvious happened. I got transferred! I am no longer in Salado. I am no longer in Guayaquil! They sent me to Portoviejo! Which is super cool. Its super close to Manta! So i am pretty excited about that! Our sector is giant! So i have lots of doors to knock on, haha! My comps name is Elder Rabanal! He is from Peru.

He is a lot like me. He has 8 months in the mission! So I am going to help him out so he can be Senior comp next transfer! He seems super cool!

Anyways I am going to miss my ward. It was super tiny but I learned a lot there. And I will miss my comp too. Elder Mamani is a stud! He is going to be a future leader in the mission!

But anyways, I’m excited too because I don’t live alone with my comp! Theres another companionship in the house! I will have tons more pics now!!!!

Elder Larsen

All Is Well

It was a decent week here in the suburbs of Guayaquil. We struggled all week, Firstly because on Monday and Tuesday we didn’t work. Then i had to go to a bunch of ward council meetings to do training…. So our time was really limited on what we could do. But we found a few cool people to teach that are going to progress.

One of them is named Alfonso, He is an old man that was a Jehovas witness. So the lessons with him are always super interesting. He is super familiar with the bible so the lessons with him are a lot more detailed. But he is very interested.

Anyways we are going to be having Stake conference this week so that should be cool.

But oh man i have never seen anything like Carnaval before in my entire life…. It was so crazy. People literally turned in to animals… They were soaking people with alll types of things… It was very entertaining to watch.

But hope you all are enjoying the spring weather…. I sure am 😉

Elder Larsen

Baptisms and Carnavales

Well it was a pretty good week. We didn’t have a lot of new people to teach but we had 2 baptisms! So it turned out alright! The baptisms ended up being in the stake center on Saturday. IT was a really nice service. We had tons of members show up!

This week carnavales started, basically it means that everyone throws liquid on each other… They literally go crazy. We usualy are locked in the house for this weekend but President Santos gave the green light to be working so i am hopin i dont get soaked… But anyways not much has really happened. i have come to see when I get to have a ton of time in the same sector i end up getting really short with my letters haha so sorry momma! 🙂

But i have 5 months here in this sector. I really enjoy the members here i dont know if i want to get transfers because our zone is really cool. My comp is super cool! We are finding people to get baptized in march… So it’ll be interesting to see what happens..

Anyways love you all! Hope jace gets better quick! Stay cool everyone!

Elder Larsen


Well it was a pretty good week! Luckily on my birthday we went to the temple. So that was super cool. Then in the night the members had a little surprise party! It was super cool! we had a little cake and the tradition here is to bite the cake. But that just gives the people the chance to smash your face in the cake hahah… So thats exactly what happened.. But it was funny I enjoyed a lot my birthday!

This weekend is caranvales. So that means we will be stuck in the house for a few days… So that’s a bit of a downer but that’s okay.

Yesterday was the elections for Ecuador. And there was no one in their house… So it was a lot walking in the rain….

But anyways i dont really know what else to write .. We had interviews.. So that was cool!

Love you All!!!!!

Elder Larsen