Month: April 2017

Elder Christoferson

Well it was a really rewarding week! We worked really hard and it payed off.  We had 6 people come to church this week, it was awesome. The Lord is really blessing us with people to teach. The people are really prepared to receive the gospel as well, it’s really special to see the miracles that happen to allow people to find the gospel.

But anyways this week we had a surprise visit from an Apostle. Elder Christoferson came to Guayaquil to have a multi-mission conference. It was amazing. We all shook his hand. It’s really amazing to feel the spirit that they bring into a room and the twinkle they have in their eyes. He answered a ton of questions and gave a really powerful talk. What really caught my attention is what he had to say about the key to recieve personal revelation. He said that there is no such thing as a person that is chosen to be able to recieve profound revelation or someone that is destined to recieve more revelation than others, The key to receive revelation is to be prepared to recieve it. If you want to understand something, you have to show the Lord you’re ready to act upon the answers you recieve first. He spoke a lot about how to recognize the spirit in your life as well. He said is like going to the Gym. You have to workout spiritually to be able to get better.

But i had the opportunity to give a talk yesterday in one of the wards I visit. It was really cool. I spoke about the atonement. I really am grateful for the things i learned personally in preparation. The spirit was super stong and I hope the Elders there had investigators because I really felt the Lord put the words I needed to say in my mouth.

But ask questions! 🙂 Love you all!

Elder Larsen


This was a really good fullfilling week. We had lots of lessons to teach. And we have lots of people to be baptized these next three weeks. We will be baptizing every week this month. so i am really excited for that. We have a really cool investigator her name is Melanie. She was a reference that we found 2 weeks ago.

We taught her a really cool lesson the other day. We talk a lot about commandments and the importance to obey them. She told us she had a few problems with a few things and hadn’t always been obedient. We taught her about lots of things but the thing that really got to her were two things, the Reality of the Atonement and the importance of repentance.

We told her the consequenses of sin and why we can’t live with God if we are sinful. We told her how repentance is the only way get rid pf your sins. And then we finished testifying about the antoning sacrifice of Christ cleanses us from sin. But I really came to realize that Repentance is the only way to recieve peace in our lives. When we told her this truth you could see in her face the relief and joy that came from this knowledge. She cried and is excited to be baptized this Saturday

But i got to go! Love you all! Ask me more questions!

Elder Larsen


It was a really good week. I really enjoyed the conference. I feel the lord really had a lot to teach me. Every talk really spoke to me.

Obviously it was really cool to hear Elder Rasband speak about the Saints here in my stake. The members remember that moment vividly. The spirit was super strong when he compared that moment to when the Lord visited the Nephites. I really pictured that it happened in a way some what similar.

But anyways we are going to baptize 3 people this month minimum. so i am excited! I dont have more to write sorry! Not much happened this week! 🙂

Love yall!

Elder Larsen