This week was a really action packed kinda week. I mean not a ton of action really went down but we did a lot of cool things. It kicked off with the temple on Wendesday morning. That was a much needed visit. It had been quite a while since we had gone.  It’s only a 30 minute cab ride to the temple so that is nice. On Thursday we had multi-zone conference, then this weekend we had stake conference and interviews with President. So it was a great week.

I’m really loving this area. The work is steady. My companion is super cool. So im happy.  The only down side is that there’s rats in our house…  we live just down from big trash piles so there are a lot of rats in the neighborhood.  We live 6 in the same house. So that kinda sucks. but the house is always super clean.  I’m actually getting pretty good and killin rats. I’m on a 5 kill killing spree with these rats.

We had 4 people in church this week so that was a cool experience. 🙂

Élder W. Larsen
Guayaquil Oeste

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