well is was a pretty good week. Bastion was going pretty well. but I got a call last night and I got transfered again. Only 6 weeks in the most dangerous part of the mission haha. Anyways I’m now in a Zone called Garcia Moreno. Its basically the city center. So it’s tons of buildings and not a single house….

I’m now zone leader with the missionary who trained my trainer. So he’s my grandpa. His name is Elder Gonzales. He’s from Lima Peru. We live in a really cool aparment. That has hot water:)))) so thats a plus.

I’m excited to be able to have this new experience. But also a little nervous. But its goin to be great.

I will now be able to take lots of pics because this sector isnt dangerous at all. Its actually the most touristy part of the country besides galapagos. So I’ve seen some white folks. 🙂

Anyways should be a good transfer. 🙂

Élder W. Larsen
Guayaquil Oeste

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