Garcia Moreno

Well it was a pretty exhausting week to be honest. Being a ZL is really just tiring. And not because im working a ton in my own sector but because i have to work in other peoples sector too. I have tons of responsabilities. It’s lots of fun and I love my comp a ton but it just tires ya out.

The zone is really cool. We are blessed to have some really good DLs here. And all the companionships get along really well. We are lifting this zone up a ton. This zone usually is really low for baptisms because its very touristy and there aren’t tons of houses but we are really working hard and helping the missionaries out.

I had to give a talk yesterday. It was a really good experience. I got to introduce myself to everyone and its nice because now they trust me a little more. And that’s important here because if you don’t get references you don’t baptize. There are about 120 members in this ward so it is nice to get the referrals from them.  It is also a very affluent area so they cook really well.  The food we are eating is good.  They have a KFC here and it is really really popular. There are a lot of white people here in this area.

My comp is named Elder Gonzales he is actually my Grandpa in the mission. He trained my trainer so we have lots of fun talking in the streets and we get along super well.

Anyways love you all. Tell everyone hi for me!

Élder W. Larsen
Misión Ecuador Guayquil Oeste

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