Month: October 2017

Work work work

Well it was a pretty busy week. We had tons to do because of a few things that happened in the mission. We had to do tons of tranfers. First because there was some unity problems with some sister missionaries. Then I found out something that I don’t really like doing. Emergency transfers due to disobedience,

Being at the head of the mission allows me to hear everything. So when there is disobedience we have to fix it…. But this week there were a few cases. So we had lots of moving around to do. We did 3 different transfers this week.

It’s crazy how the spirit guides you during these moments in transfers. I had a pretty cool experience with my comps. President called us and told us to transfer a few missionaries and we were trying to see how to make it work and we couldn’t find the solution. We decided to start all over again and we knelt down and said a prayer asking for guidance, 5 minutes after we said the prayer we had the transfer done. The spirit is incredibly strong in transfer meetings.

But anyways happy Halloween!  Love you all!

Élder W. Larsen
Misión Ecuador Guayaquil Oeste

Transfer Week

I think this week was the most exhausting week of my whole mission. I didn’t sleep very much. We had to go drop off, pick up missionaries at the airport all week, and then we had training meetings all week for the new missionaries. And we had some emergency transfers so that also made things a little complicated.

But yesterday we went the Santa Elena. It was super pretty. way different from Guayaquil… There was no loud music in the streets, or the constant honking of a car horn. hahah. But anyways transfers were super cool. it was super cool to recieve the new missionaries in the airport. they were super scared. they had no idea what to expect. But we had some fun with them hahha they slept in our house thier first night! It was super cool!

On Sunday president called us out of no where and took us on a Sunday drive with his family. It was super cool, we went all the way to Jama. its like 6 hours away in car. super pretty. the climate changes to jungle up north in the mission.

I’ve gotten really good at chess.. I don’t know why i mentioned that. But we play every pday in the morning hahah… .

Élder W. Larsen
Misión Ecuador Guayaquil Oeste

Super busy

Well it was a super busy week. I haven’t slept a full 8 hours in a few days now hahah. It’s always one thing after another here in the office. I am currently in Manta for the day. We came to verify houses and stuff.

But the coolest thing that happened this week was transfer meeting with president. The spirit is super strong in those meetings. President receives lots of revelation for where he should send his missionaries.

I don’t know what else to say. Maybe the pics i sent will tell a little story or two! anyways gtg. we are goin back to Guayaquil right now. Love you all! Bye!

Élder W. Larsen
Misión Ecuador Guayaquil Oeste


Well Igot transferred again. Just to start off, my Pday won’t be Monday anymore. It’s Saturday. It’s because I’m in the mission office now. I’m working as Assistant to the President. It’s pretty cool. I have gotten to know President in a different way. We had zone conferences this week so the whole week we were traveling. I had the blessing to travel with President Santos all week. It was super cool. I got to know the whole mission and I got to know president in a different way. He’s super smart and funny. He honestly reminds me a lot of dad.  He knows a ton about the scriptures. He likes soccer a ton. He is a super good listener. He is goofy like dad, his sense of humor is exactly like dads. I realized that this week, but it’s awesome. I talk to President daily so that’s an upside!

I’m in the office with Elder Salas and Elder Collante. One is from Peru and the other is from Chile. We are presidents right hand. We do the transfers, take informs of all the missionaries. We train the whole mission. We visit the whole mission to see how things are going. We basically represent president and we help him control the mission. My favorite part of my new calling is being close to President. He is so smart. it’s honestly like being with dad. He has taught me a ton this week. I was in the car with him for about 8 hours this week and we talked a ton. It’s a really cool gig to see how the mission runs. It takes a lot of work. I’m sure I will gain a lot of experience here with president.

But anyways l’m super tired. I have come to realize that as an assistant, we don’t really sleep in our own beds. hahaha I’ve slept on ratty old matresses all week. haha! But oh well i love it. I get to help tons of missonaries. 🙂

But anyways if you have questions let me know! 🙂

Love you

Élder W. Larsen
Misión Ecuador Guayaquil Oeste