Work work work

Well it was a pretty busy week. We had tons to do because of a few things that happened in the mission. We had to do tons of tranfers. First because there was some unity problems with some sister missionaries. Then I found out something that I don’t really like doing. Emergency transfers due to disobedience,

Being at the head of the mission allows me to hear everything. So when there is disobedience we have to fix it…. But this week there were a few cases. So we had lots of moving around to do. We did 3 different transfers this week.

It’s crazy how the spirit guides you during these moments in transfers. I had a pretty cool experience with my comps. President called us and told us to transfer a few missionaries and we were trying to see how to make it work and we couldn’t find the solution. We decided to start all over again and we knelt down and said a prayer asking for guidance, 5 minutes after we said the prayer we had the transfer done. The spirit is incredibly strong in transfer meetings.

But anyways happy Halloween!  Love you all!

Élder W. Larsen
Misión Ecuador Guayaquil Oeste

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