Month: November 2017


Well this week went by really fast again. I don’t think I have been this busy in my entire mission. But its better that way!

But this week we did tranfers on Tuesday. It was super cool like always. I really feel how the Lord uses me to put the missionaries in the right spot. I feel how much the Lord watches out for his missionaries.

But we went to Portoviejo yesterday and we got back super super late so I’m just super tired right now!

But this week we receive new missionaries and one of them is a kid from North Carolina who plays lax so I will have something to talk about with him…

Love you all

Élder W. Larsen
Misión Ecuador Guayaquil Oeste


Well the tremors are starting up again. Maybe we’ll see another earthquake before i go home hahah! But anyways i don’t have lots time to write. But I sent tons of pics. This week we went to Portoviejo and Bahía. It was cool but I’m super tired. Last night was the first time i slept in my own bed all week haha!

But anyways i think the pics will tell better stories than my words so please look at the pictures and videos. Love you all! Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂
Élder W. Larsen
Misión Ecuador Guayaquil Oeste

Elder Alonso

Well it was a really quick week. I didn’t really have time for anything. I was super busy with the zone conferences with Elder Alonso that I barely had time to sleep. But wow it was an amazing experience to have him here. He had tons of great ideas to help us out. And it was super cool because I directed one of the conferences and i got to talk a ton with Elder Alonso. He is super smart and President Santos was super happy to have him here.

My comps birthday was on Thursday so today President Santos took us to a Peruvian restaurant and wow it was super good.

But this week we are planning on doing a week long trip to all the zones in the Provences. So we are going to be traveling a ton. Its going to be pretty exhausting but its helping the mission a ton. So I’m excited!

Anyways I can’t think of anything else to write soooo love you all!


Élder W. Larsen
Misión Ecuador Guayaquil Oeste


Well it was a pretty speedy week! We were super busy up to last night. We got home super late. We had to go to Manta to help the missionaries out. They were super discouraged. But we helped them out and we’re hoping that they get better this week.

But this week we have a 70 coming to visit the mission and I will be conducting the multi-zone conference with him! Elder Jose Alonso is coming to this mission,

But anyways I really don’t remember anything else… But Write me next week with some questions and I will write the answer! 🙂

Love you all!

Élder W. Larsen
Misión Ecuador Guayaquil Oeste