Temple Day

Wow this week was probabaly the best week of my mission. I was blessed to have the privlage to go to the temple and witness a sealing of a family that i taught in Salado. It was probably the most spiritual experience I have had on my whole mission. I was actually one of the witnesses for the ordanance. It was amazing.
It was cool because Alexandra (the mom of the family) had no idea I was going to come. She was super happy when she saw me.
But we have leadership council with the mission tomorrow. It’s actually a really cool experience.
I am seriously dreading the end of my mission. The sealing made me want to stay out here longer. It scares me that one day im going to have to leave this place.
Now I really understand the type of love Christ has for each one of us. I feel that kind of love for the people of Ecuador. They drive me crazy sometimes but I love them so much and I don’t want to leave them 😦
Élder W. Larsen
Misión Ecuador Guayquil Oeste


This week was a really good week for the zone. All the missionaries worked really hard and we broke a zone record, we had 15 people come to church in the zone. it might not seem like much but its a record for our zone. it was really cool because it was Stake conference. We had a 70 come and his talk was really cool. All the investigators were sitting up front. So they all had a great expereince.

But the weather was super hot this week which is alarming. Because that means that the rainy season might come early this year. 😦

But anyways i hope y’all enjoy the eclipse. I wont get to see it, Its super cloudy. So yeahhhhhh 🙂

Love you all Sorry its short but i have to do some informs :/



It was a super super busy week. We barely had time to work in our sector. It started out with an invasion in a different zone. It’s where we go and contact the crap out of a neighborhood. We knock on all the doors of a sector.  And of course we had to be the first ones there and the last ones to leave. But we have been super busy. We were in our own sector for 3 hours in total this week.  I like helping the other missionaries, But wow. I’m exhausted all the time…

Then we had MultiZone conference. It was really cool but the training they did was exactly what they did in leadership council. So i was a little bored because i had seen it all before haha.

Then after that my comp got sick and was in bed for a whole day and then all Sunday we were in meetings with the stake president and going to meet the investigators in the zone. So it was pretty rough.

But anyways this week was really slow in our sector, we didn’t have anyone in church. But this week we will be sure to have a Baptismal date set for September

Crazy only 6 months left… 😦 going by way too fast.

Élder W. Larsen
Misión Ecuador Guayquil Oeste

Garcia Moreno

Well it was a pretty exhausting week to be honest. Being a ZL is really just tiring. And not because im working a ton in my own sector but because i have to work in other peoples sector too. I have tons of responsabilities. It’s lots of fun and I love my comp a ton but it just tires ya out.

The zone is really cool. We are blessed to have some really good DLs here. And all the companionships get along really well. We are lifting this zone up a ton. This zone usually is really low for baptisms because its very touristy and there aren’t tons of houses but we are really working hard and helping the missionaries out.

I had to give a talk yesterday. It was a really good experience. I got to introduce myself to everyone and its nice because now they trust me a little more. And that’s important here because if you don’t get references you don’t baptize. There are about 120 members in this ward so it is nice to get the referrals from them.  It is also a very affluent area so they cook really well.  The food we are eating is good.  They have a KFC here and it is really really popular. There are a lot of white people here in this area.

My comp is named Elder Gonzales he is actually my Grandpa in the mission. He trained my trainer so we have lots of fun talking in the streets and we get along super well.

Anyways love you all. Tell everyone hi for me!

Élder W. Larsen
Misión Ecuador Guayquil Oeste


well is was a pretty good week. Bastion was going pretty well. but I got a call last night and I got transfered again. Only 6 weeks in the most dangerous part of the mission haha. Anyways I’m now in a Zone called Garcia Moreno. Its basically the city center. So it’s tons of buildings and not a single house….

I’m now zone leader with the missionary who trained my trainer. So he’s my grandpa. His name is Elder Gonzales. He’s from Lima Peru. We live in a really cool aparment. That has hot water:)))) so thats a plus.

I’m excited to be able to have this new experience. But also a little nervous. But its goin to be great.

I will now be able to take lots of pics because this sector isnt dangerous at all. Its actually the most touristy part of the country besides galapagos. So I’ve seen some white folks. 🙂

Anyways should be a good transfer. 🙂

Élder W. Larsen
Guayaquil Oeste


well on friday i ate some chicken liver and chicken lung soup.. it was cooked very well so it was a little like chewing a piece of liver flavored gum 🙂 We are working really hard here in my sector right now and we are going to baptize 2 families in July. The faith of the people always just breaks my heart. They make about 15 bucks a day and they are always willing to give up everything. I just cant believe how much i love these people. People really say you are goin to love the people, but i didnt really understand what that meant until i got here. And now as my mission is creeping to an end. i don’t know how I’m going to say goodbye to this place one day….


Well this was a pretty good week. We had lots of people in church. 2 full families that don’t have problems with law of chastity. So that’s always a blessing. One of the families is the Noriega Family. They are 4 in total. They will be getting baptized this weekend. But they are a little weak on their testimony. So we are praying it all works out good.

The other family is a young family. But they’re super cool. It’s the De La Cruz family. They don’t have a baptism goal yet, but they will soon. They are really cool and both of them have received testimonies.

But anyways not much happened this week. We bought a pizza to celebrate the 4th or july so that was cool! I feel really blessed to have been born in an amazing country like the US. It’s great to have tons of opportunities.

The weeks are just kind of blurring together so ask me questions and I will try to answer! 🙂

Élder W. Larsen
Guayaquil Oeste


This week was a really action packed kinda week. I mean not a ton of action really went down but we did a lot of cool things. It kicked off with the temple on Wendesday morning. That was a much needed visit. It had been quite a while since we had gone.  It’s only a 30 minute cab ride to the temple so that is nice. On Thursday we had multi-zone conference, then this weekend we had stake conference and interviews with President. So it was a great week.

I’m really loving this area. The work is steady. My companion is super cool. So im happy.  The only down side is that there’s rats in our house…  we live just down from big trash piles so there are a lot of rats in the neighborhood.  We live 6 in the same house. So that kinda sucks. but the house is always super clean.  I’m actually getting pretty good and killin rats. I’m on a 5 kill killing spree with these rats.

We had 4 people in church this week so that was a cool experience. 🙂

Élder W. Larsen
Guayaquil Oeste